Vandecasteele Houtimport ist ein Familienunternehmen in dem nachhaltige Unternehmensführung hoch angeschrieben ist.

Seit dem Jahr 2000 engagiert sich das Unternehmen mittels der Charta „West‐Vlaams Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen“ , um freiwillig und kontinuierlich nach einer Verbesserung auf betrieblichen – und sozialem Niveau zu streben, indem während der täglichen Betriebsführung, besondere Aufmerksamkeit den wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und ökologischen Folgen seiner Tätigkeit, schenkt.

Die Charta nachhaltige Unternehmen, stütz sich auf die 5 “P’s” Profit – People – Planet - Prosperity - Passion und wird als Richtlinie gebraucht, im Bestreben zur idealen Unternehmensführung.

Vandecasteele Houtimport bietet ein sehr umfangreiches Programm von zertifizierten Holzarten an : FSC®, PEFC, und OLB.

Neben tropischen Harthölzern und Skandinavischem, Russischem und Amerikanischem Nadelholz, bietet Vandecasteele Houtimport seit 2011 auch Nordamerikanische Laubhölzer an.


Responsible Purchasing Policy

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT has appointed a Director to be responsible for the implementation of this Policy and will ensure that relevant sustainability issues are discussed regularly at the highest level of management.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT will ensure that all employees associated with timber purchasing are aware of the Policy commitments, and are given appropriate education and training to allow its full implementation.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment, customers, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on well-managed forests.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT is committed to purchasing all timber from minimum legal sources with a preference for well-managed and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers by operating a due diligence risk assessment tool.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT recognises that the credible independent certification of forests and chain of custody provide assurances that the timber comes from legal and well-managed forests.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT will only accept, or use labels or certificates that include environmental or sustainability claims that are supported by publicly available standards drawn up in a fully participatory, transparent and objective process and verified by independent third-party auditing.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT will not encourage boycotts or bans on specific species of timber. Notwithstanding this, the company will cease to purchase any timber and timber products whose supply is in breach of any international regulation.

VANDECASTEELE HOUTIMPORT is committed to continuously improve the proportion of timber and timber products that originate from legal and well-managed forests.
Signed by:

Owner, Stefaan Vandecasteele, 8.01.2018


Membership ATIBT

We believe in a durable and sustainable futur of our forests. By giving  the timber a commercial value, the futur of our forests are guaranteed.

Sustainable Tropical Timber - USE IT OR LOSE IT!